U.S. Bank CPS

Content Strategy and Information Architecture


U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Solutions (CPS) had undergone a redesign every year for nearly five years. Their goal was to increase consumer engagement and in the process increase conversion. However, each redesign did not provide the desired results instead the analytics and conversion rate remained the same.


The project started with a thorough review of the site’s analytics and a number of possible reasons for the site’s stagnate numbers were explored. In conjunction with the analytics, the site itself was reviewed from a user standpoint.

After review it was determined that the site had two major flaws. One was from an SEO standpoint, there was no consistency on which terms were used to represent key words. The second was there was many terminal pages within the site itself. Terminal pages are ones with no additional links or access to relevant information.

Both issues were address as part of the solution. For the SEO a taxonomy was created and used in the recreation of the content. To address the consumer engagement design patterns were explored and implemented to allows users easier access to related information.


Success on many levels. The SEO did not increase traffic significantly, but did improve the quality of the visits. Users who landed on the site were more likely to be looking for the content it provided and reduced the sites bounce rate. The page’s per visit also increase by nearly a full page per visit.


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