Project Butterfly

Our fortune 100 industrial machinery client had a dilemma. They had found gaps in their experience design that could derail their agile process. Do they fall behind or bring in a team to get back on track?


The challenge wasn’t a simple one. There had been gaps in the ideation process, however the framework had been well thought out and left a large degree of flexibility. To maintain the sprint pace a team would have to get up to speed quickly and work through a series of design challenges.


This project required effort on two fronts. One team would create a copy of the build’s style guide in an Axure file using all the common elements. The plan was to build a pattern library that would allow for rapid prototyping based on the current build structure.


User Flows

A series of whiteboard workshops where challenges were illustrated and the problems were worked through. Once the day’s activities were complete the evening were used to organize the information gathered and transcribed into workable documents. Those documents and pattern library were then used to create rapid prototypes to validate proposed solutions.



When the whiteboard sessions finished for the day, the prototypes that were generated would be sent back to the team at the office. They would clean up the day’s prototypes and proof the mobile experience. Each day would would connect at the end of the day and collaborate on how to compile the various files.



As a team the client and our team proofed the workflows and prototypes to ensure the accuracy of the work. Everything passed with flying colors and we were able to finish with time to spare. The sprints could continue with flying colors and the new design patterns were used throughout the site.