UX Training

Planet 19 provides User Experience training for multi-disciplinary teams.

Our team performs all training based on our expertise in User Experience Design (UXD) & User Centered Design (UCD) methods for the active integration within your company.

Our Training Program

Our training can be applied across industries, team sizes, and customer backgrounds. All of our content is based on our real world expertise as practitioners of design. This means your team will learn from the same people who implement the design process for our clients.

While the foundation of our training curriculum is shared, the specific topics, content, format, exercises, and discussions can be customized to meet your needs.

Benefits & outcomes

  • Become a customer-oriented team
  • Gain insight from curriculum based on real world experience
  • Receive customized content for your team and organization
  • Learn from career design practitioners
  • Build practical skills for immediate impact
  • Develop long-term plan to shift your organization
  • Participate in team building through practice and pragmatism

We train…



Learn a new career path, brush up on your skills, or gain an understanding of current trends.



Strengthen and bring your team together with the most current UX methods and practices.



Integrating user experience design into your company’s culture to identify and create new products.

Methods we teach

  • Basics of user-centered-design
  • Design research and strategy
  • Innovation and concepting
  • Planning and roadmapping
  • Iterative interface design
  • Delivery, integration, and ongoing support

Topics we cover

  • Shifting to a more customer-centric organization
  • Integrating user experience design into your company
  • Building your own user experience design team
  • User Experience for cross-discipline or non-technical teams
  • User Experience for interactive products and apps
  • Designing for real-world experience and in-person services

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