dome Beauty

User Research and UX Strategy


Start-up company dome Beauty had been through multiple agencies and could not find one that understood its founders vision and target audience. The process had left them with a fraction of their original budget and very little to show for it. With the deadline for launch drawing near and a warehouse of products waiting to be sold a fast and effective solution needed to be found.

Although the previous agencies had been a bust dome had been diligent in their activities and had collected ample information in the form of focus groups and user research. It had not been compiled, most was still in a handwritten format.


The first step was to compile all the information into a format that would allow for easy digestion and a User Research report detailing the expectations of potential users and consumers. With the report in place a competitive analysis was performed to complete the research and provide a solid basis to propose a User Strategy.

With a solid strategy in place work began on the initial design and setting up the e-commerce platform. The biggest challenge remaining was the appearance of the site itself. This was not that it didn’t look good it was that both proposed themes, called Day and Night were to the clients liking. This was solved by saving, “why not let them have both”. CSS was used to apply both themes and having each triggered to be displayed depending on the time of day.


The Client couldn’t have been happier and once the site launched it started taking orders immediately with no issues. The consumer response to the site was overwhelmingly positive and even got recognized by Google as an up and coming business.


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