Fire Team UX

Sprint Solution and Rapid Prototype Response


Our client was developing a large-scale product using in an agile process. In one of the sprints there had been an oversight from their agency which left a large gap in the potential solution. The team didn’t want to fall behind on the sprint so they engaged our help.

The challenge wasn’t a simple one. There had been gaps in the ideation process, however the framework had been well thought out and left a large degree of flexibility. To maintain the sprint pace a team would have to get up to speed quickly and work through a series of design challenges.


A prototype was created based on the annotations from the previous builds. This allowed for the creation of a design pattern library. At the same time a deep dive was initiated to get up to speed. All this was accomplished in the first 24 hours, including travel time to the clients site.

The second day was a series of whiteboard workshops where challenges were illustrated and the problems could be worked through. Once the day’s activities were complete the evening were used to organize the information gathered and transcribed into workable documents. Those documents and pattern library were then used to create rapid prototypes to validate proposed solutions.

The third day was used to present the prototypes and continue with the ideation process. In the evening, more rapid prototypes, and solution validation.

The fourth day was pure wireframes and prototype generation. With the fifth day being delivery, the project was complete just in time for lunch.


The client could keep their sprints on track and the work generated allowed them to plan accordingly for future sprints. Everyone walked away with a great feeling of accomplishment and security.

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