Enterprise UX

Creating a modern solution for a large scale application


A longtime leader in the insurance industry had lost over 15% market share from their major online product. The product was well respected but was no longer going to be supported past IE7. It was time for a major overhaul to regain the lost market share as well as update the interface to modern standards. The biggest challenge was no standards had ever been enforced and as new applications or features were needed they were “bolted on” at the developer’s discretion.


To gain a clear understanding of the challenges faced by the user a multi stream approach was used to gain as much information as possible and paint a clearer picture of possible solutions. Stake-holder interviews and focus groups were held to gain an understanding of the needs of the business as well as the user. Those requirements were honed with the aid of the development team and the product owners into an SOW.

In conjunction with that effort working sessions were held to document the user flows of all the primary tasks user would perform. It took nearly two weeks to document the users flows and produce updated or optimized user flows. However, once the user flows were revised and agreed upon the project began in earnest with a clear picture of how to best assemble the site and allow users to complete their tasks, all the while regain market share for the product owners. User testing was performed on the initial designs and feedback was incorporated in the revision process allowing for a minimal review period with optimal results.


A minimum viable product (MVP) was produced to test the potential of the newly created product, dubbed the “framework”. The outcome was so successful related businesses requested personalized product portals that would immediately increase revenue, which put the product on track to quickly regain the lost market-share while the remainder of the product is built to fruition.


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